Growing Poplar Pholiota (Cyclocybe aegerita) at Home

Growing Poplar Pholiota (Cyclocybe aegerita) at Home

General conditions

Your mushroom culture kit contains mycelium (mushroom roots), grain, wood chips and sawdust. It can be kept in a refrigerator for up to one month, after which, mushrooms will spontaneously begin to develop. Ambient light will suffice. Do not expose your kit to direct sunlight or air currents to avoid drying. Use water without chlorine (tap water left standing for 24 hours will have evaporated most of the chlorine). If the mushrooms are abnormally elongated, aeration is probably deficient.

Fruiting Temperature: 16 – 18°C Relative Humidity: 85-90%


  1. When you are ready to produce mushrooms, place the block at room temperature. Wait for the formation of mini-mushrooms (primordium) on the surface of the block, which has stayed sufficiently moist.
  2. When primordium appear on the surface of the block in the bag, make incisions around them (window), and remove the top part of the plastic bag to allow the expansion of the fungi. Avoid cutting the mini-mushrooms.
  3. Put 2 cm of perlite (optional) at the bottom of a large container (e.g. aquarium or plastic container), saturate it with preferably chlorine-free water and place the block on it. If perlite is not available, place the block on a grill elevated 2cm above the water. The block should not be in direct contact with water.
  4. Harvest when the caps are fully spread out and before the release of spores. After a substantial harvest, remove the block from the original bag and let it rest for a few days in the refrigerator. Before going back to step 3, submerge the block in water, let stand a few minutes and drain excess water. A regrowth will appear later. The same cycle can be repeated up to 3 times. The block can yield up to a third of its initial weight in mushrooms.

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