Make Your Own Kombucha

Make Your Own Kombucha

Known in China for over 2000 years, Kombucha has gained worldwide popularity in recent years.The Japanese name evokes a seaweed (kombu) tea (cha), although the reference to seaweed is inappropriate. It is a sweet Camelia sinensistea fermented with an aerobic culture of bacteriae and yeasts. Fermentation for ten days gives a nutrient-rich drink containing acetic, gluconic, lactic, malic, usnic acids, Vitamins B and C.

Recipes are numerous, but production of kombucha is easy. Here’s how.

1st fermentation ingredients:

  • One Kombucha «mother» or SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast)
  • Liquid «starter» that comes with the «mother» in aproportion of 5-10% of kombucha brew
  • Tea (Camelia sinensis), avoid aromatic teas inhibiting fermentation (5g/L d’eau)
  • Sugar 80g/L tea

2nd fermentation ingredients:

  • 1st fermentation kombucha
  • Flavour: Herbs ginger, turmeric, fresh, dried or frozen fruits in pieces or juice in a proportion less then 20% of the total liquid from the 1st fermentation.

1st fermentation :

  1. Infuse tea (Camelia sinensis) to the desired concentration. Add sugar,stir and cool somewhat
  2. Pour in a glass or ceramic jar, soit is partially filled (avoid metal or plastic). Add the kombucha mother and liquid «starter» to acidify. Cover jar opening with a cloth to keep insects away
  3. Let stand for 4-7days at 24-30oC
  4. If moulds appear on the surface, discard everything and start a new. Do not confuse with new kombucha mother forming on the surface or tea residue
  5. Remove the mother and set aside in 200ml of the F1. Refrigerate or start over

2nd fermentation :

  1. In the same jar, add flavour to the 1st fermentation. Let stand for 2-3 days
  2. Filter if needed and pour the kombucha (2nd fermentation) in a swing top bottle
  3. To gasify, extend the fermentation in closed bottle for a few days (WARNING: avoid excessive pressure and bursting by gradually opening the bottle cap). Ginger in 2nd fermentation promotes effervescence
  4. Refrigerate and drink when ready

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