Drug trafficking and identity theft

Drug trafficking and identity theft

Drug trafficking and identity theft

A few weeks ago, the postman brought a white cushioned envelope. The address of the recipient, unknown to us, is in Texas, the return address is ours. The envelope was typical for fragile and small mail items. It bears Canadian stamps and the words "return to sender". Wrong recipient's adress or insufficient postage.

Inside the envelope was a zip lock bag containing six dry flat mushrooms. At first glance, they are of the Psilocybe genus, apparently of the cubensis species, one of the most sought after by psychonautes.

A couple of days later, the postman brought a second "return to sender" envelope mailed to an address in Wisconsin, containing cannabis oil. Then a third and a fourth with psilocybes. Brick and mortar retail is a tough business nowadays : a local dealer turned to E-trade under the inconspicuous name of Chris Cleveland. To divert the customs officers' scrutiny, he gave the return adress of a well known legit establishment.

Mycoboutique sells all that is needed to cultivate a wide variety of edible and medicinal mushrooms. Nothing is illegal as long as hallucinogenic mushrooms itself are not supplied. A few years ago, we did sell hallucinogenic mushrooms growing kits. No more: it attracted too many police officers and too few customers.

Today, identity theft and drug smuggling are next to uncontrollable, so much so that neither seems to warrant police investigation: "Complain to Canada-Post" the police officer routinely advised us.

The crown corporation did'nt wait for our call: it contacted us: « Grow your Business, Chris! » advertised a Canada-Post leaflet sent to our adress.

Of course, our product line does not include illegal articles, and the items ordered from us are always properly adressed and quickly delivered