Opinel Bushwhacker N°08


Collapsible mushroom knife with varnished wooden handle, stainless steel blade and natural brush. The No. 8 is THE mulitpurpose knife. Essential for sporting activities and bivouacs, it is also valued for fishing, hunting, camping and even odd jobs.Comes with the Virobloc double-security system - a ring that locks the knife in the open or closed positions for safety of use and transportation.

Natural varnished beech

Supply: France. Beech is present on the three continents of the northern hemisphere. One of the most elegant large trees, with a smooth trunk and dense foliage, the beech is very well pruned. White or very pale brown in color, its grain is fine, its structure homogeneous and with a straight grain. Widely used in furniture, brushes, toys, floors ...

8.5cm Yatagan

The name Yatagan originally referred to a sword used in Turkey. By creating his closing knife, Joseph Opinel designed a blade in the form of Yatagan (curved at the tip) and with a domed profile which guarantees an incomparable quality of cut.

Virobloc double security system

All Opinel closing knives are equipped with the patented Virobloc system with the exception of Tradition small sizes. Invented by Marcel Opinel in 1955, this stainless steel safety ring allows the blade to be blocked in the open position (safety of use). Today, the Virobloc also makes it possible to block the blade in the closed position (transport safety).

11cm folded, with 8.4 cm blade.

All Opinel products have a lifetime warranty.