Opinel trekking N°07 - Coloured Tradition knife


Blade: Sandvik 12c27 modified stainless steel.

  • Excellent cutting quality, corrosion resistance, maintenance free.
  • Stained and varnished hornbeam handle
  • Leather lace to attach to the belt
  • Multipurpose.

Sandvik stainless steel developed for Opinel is renowned for its sharpness and ease of maintenance. Stainless steel capable of undergoing the heat treatment which gives it its good hardness is called martensitic. It has a carbon content of at least 0.40%, which makes it possible to obtain a very satisfactory cutting edge without being sensitive to corrosion. Color stain charm handle Supply: France. Medium-sized tree with dense foliage (toothed leaves) with a fluted trunk with thin, smooth gray bark. Very hard and very resistant wood, light gray.

10 cm closed, with an 8 cm blade open.

All Opinel products have a lifetime warranty.