The Essential Book of Fermentation

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Book language : English

ISBN : 9781583335031

Author : Jeff Cox

Publisher : Avery

Release Year : 2013

Pages : 300


As a leading expert on organic food and gardening, Jeff Cox has long been aware of the microbiology that helps his garden flourish. He then made the leap that this same microdiversity is responsible for keeping our bodies healthy too. Fermented foods are one of the easiest and most delicious ways to get microbes and all their benefits into our internal "gardens." Jeff's collects his decades' worth of knowledge and advice on fermentation to offer this one-of-a-kind introduction to all things related to fermented foods.

Simplifying the art and science of fermentation, Cox offers a primer on the body’s microbial ecosystem, detailing the health benefits that come with a probiotic diet and complemented by scrumptious recipes and easy-to-follow pickling and canning techniques. Basics such as bread and yogurt help readers progress to wine, cheese, and a host of international delicacies, including kim chi and chow chow. Inspiring and innovative, The Essential Book of Fermentation serves up great taste along with great health on every page.