Edible Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest

Book Language: English
ISBN: 9782981804914
Author: Roger Larivière, Fernand Miron
Publisher: Éditions Naturat
Publication date: 2019
Pages: 216


Book also available in French

Edible Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest is a guide to the 50 most well-known and popular mushrooms in the boreal forest ecosystem. Intended mainly for amateur mycologists, popularized texts are accompanied by numerous photos of mushrooms.

The author has ensured that the text corresponds to the images presented, thus facilitating the identification task, essential for the safe consumption of mushrooms. This is a new approach, which can be termed ecological: the picker is invited to associate each mushroom with a particular forest environment and soil. The information in this book has been specifically chosen to help pickers achieve this goal.