Book language : English

ISBN :  9781536217094

Authors : Katie Scott and Ester Gaya

Release year : 2019

Disponible en Anglais seulement

Welcome to the Fungarium! Step into the world of fungi and learn all about these strange and fascinating life-forms.

Illustrator Katie Scott returns to the Welcome to the Museum series with exquisite, detailed images of some of the most fascinating living organisms on this planet—fungi. Exploring every sort of fungi, from the kinds we see on supermarket shelves to those like penicillium that have shaped human history, this collection is the definitive introduction to what fungi are and just how vital they are to the world’s ecosystem.

This rare and wondrous book will capture the imagination of fungi fans. You might be thinking that’s a fairly small demographic, but once kids see this graceful compilation that looks like a quaint nineteenth-century natural science tract—features detailed, labeled illustrations in vivid colors that pop off pages—and read about how fungi are actually closer to animals than plants, they’ll be hooked. . . The text is authoritative and informative, but the real attraction is the artwork. There are glorious spreads of ecosystems, and even the end papers are worth a look. . . This will make a handsome addition to STEM collections and should attract browsers and budding mycologists alike.
—Booklist (starred review)