Kew Pocketbooks: Fungi


Book language : English

ISBN : 9781842467268

Author : Gina Fullerlove

Release Year : 2021

Pages : 95

 A lushly illustrated gift book, revealing the strange and singular world of mushrooms, toadstools, and their kin.
Rather more closely related to animals than plants, the Fungi occupy their own completely distinctive kingdom in the natural world. These spore-producing organisms—which have long been prized for both their culinary and medicinal powers—play vital roles in the health and ecology of their habitats, roles that are still not fully understood by scientists. This pocketbook from Kew showcases forty fascinating fungi, including mushrooms, toadstools, puffballs, and lichens. The beautiful paintings of pioneer female mycologist, Elsie M. Wakefield (1886–1972), are a special feature of this collection, drawn from Kew’s Library and Archives, one of the most extensive botanical libraries in the world. Featuring an introduction from Kew’s experts on the subject, this lavish pocketbook is a perfect overview of the unusual and captivating world of fungi.