Growing Enoki (Flammulina velutipes) at Home

Growing Enoki (Flammulina velutipes) at Home

General conditions

Your mushroom culture kit contains mycelium (mushroom roots), grains, wood chips and saw dust. It can be kept a month in a refrigerator, after which the mushrooms will spontaneously begin to develop. Ambient light or a fluorescent light positioned 3m away will do just fine. Do not expose your kit to direct sunlight or wind to avoid drying. Enoki will develop elongated stem and a white color in an environment high in carbon dioxide and depraved of light.

Fruiting Temperature: 13-16 °C; mycelium dies over 38°C.

Relative Humidity: 90%


  1. Cut the top of the plastic bag and soak the mycelium bloc.
  2. Put 2 cm of perlite (optional) on the bottom of a large container (ex: aquarium or plastic container); add 2 cm of water and deposit the mycelium bloc. Failing perlite, deposit the mycelium block on an elevated mesh above water. Mycelium block should not be in direct contact with water.
  3. If humidity is low, cover the container with a perforated plastic. It must be positioned so that it does not touch the mycelium block. If the air is very dry, spray the walls of the container. To avoid molds, do not spray directly the fruiting bodies or culture block.
  4. Harvest the mushrooms before they release their spores. After harvesting, put the kit in a second plastic bag at room temperature (18-23°C) for 2 weeks. Afterward, put the bag in the refrigerator (1-4°C) for 2 days to stimulate the fruiting process. Remove the second plastic bag, submerge the block in cold water for a few minutes and resume step 2. Regrowth should appear a week later. The cycle can be repeated 3 times.

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