Growing Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) at Home

Growing Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) at Home

General conditions

A culture bag contains white mushroom mycelium and the brown substrate from which the mushroom feeds. The substrate contains sawdust, cereals, water, calcium sulphate. The bag can be kept in the fridge for a month, after which the mushrooms begin to develop inside the bag.

To develop into a mushroom, Lion’s Mane requires some light and fresh air. Direct sunlight and drafts should be avoided because they tend to dry out the mushroom. Ambient or fluorescent light at least three meters away is sufficient.

Fruiting Temperature: 16-21 °C Relative Humidity: 85–95 %


  1. Place block at room temperature until substrate is covered with mycelium. The substrate is sufficiently moist to start.
  2. Make an X-shaped incision in middle of bag to allow for mushroom expansion. Avoid cutting substrate itself.
  3. Add 2cm perlite (optional) to a large container (e.g. aquarium or plastic container), saturate perlite with preferably chlorine-free water. Alternatively, pour water 2cm deep in a container and put block on a truss so that the block is above the water. The block must not be in direct contact with the water.
  4. Harvest before they release their spores and when mushroom buds get to be the size of a fist. After a substantial harvest, let block stand a few days in the refrigerator then submerge it in water and let stand for a few minutes before putting it in the container again. After a second flush, step 4 can be started again. Usually, up to three flushes can be reached. The culture bag can yield up to one third the original weight of the bag.

Have fun !

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